Rain in the Night

The following poem was written after performing a funeral rite for the person named. It was a very moving occasion as we committed his ashes to the land where he had held rites over many years. A bagpiper played a haunting melody as he was committed to the darkness and his own words, embracing that very darkness, were read out. Various bits of his writing are scattered around the Internet, often represented as secret lore, though it was all written for public consumption. This is my memento of him.

Rain in the Night

i.m. Tony Kelly

We sat late in your lonely house

the unlit dark about it

as I listened, trying to know your gods.

Speech failed us

it seemed we had nothing left

to say. A gust of wind moved

outside driving a patter of raindrops

against the window ...

Then silence again

till you were moved to say

“Rain in the Night

it’s a god isn’t it?”

and I knew though there was nothing

I could say

what you meant

And I shared a silent prayer

with you for

Rain in the Night

all those years ago

and I think of it now

as we offer your ashes

to the trees you planted

and the ghost of your words

like Rain in the Night.

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