Grove of Gorsedd Arberth /|\

This is the Home Page for the Gorsedd Arberth Grove

The core of the material here consists of an archive of posts published by Heron as the Gorsedd Arberth blogger. It now constitutes a resource base for the Grove and will expand with that focus to reflect our activities.

The Grove is based in West Wales and exists

1. To study texts in which Brythonic lore is encoded, in particular those in early Welsh.

2. To promote an awareness of the deities of the Brythonic world and explore their significance through the witness of individual adherents within the Grove.

3. To engage with the AWEN in poetry and other expressions of the bardic arts as well as meditation, path-working and intuitive openings.

4. To explore places and aspects of the landscape to enhance our relationship with the AWEN.

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