'XV Kalendas Ianuarius Eponae'

(Fifteen days [before] the beginning of January - Epona's Day)

- a stone inscription from northern Italy -

Earthlight glistens
on the ivy leaf

Sunlight falls on the holly bough

The red fire stirs in the kindling
We count three days to the longest night

Three more till the glimmer of a longer day

Then seven to the eve of New Year Calends

These days we count from the feast of Epona

First festival of the year's turning. 


Lee said...

this is rather awesome :)

happy Eponalia Greg,


Heron said...

Thanks Lee.
Happy Eponalia to you too, and for the Solstice!

Kris said...

How lovely to find this! I've just had a quick look, but enjoying your poetry very much. I'll visit again.


Kris Hughes said...

Lovely little poem. Thanks. I've just been looking around and enjoying your poetry. Will visit again.