Selkie Lore

Ursilla went to the rock
She saw the Selkie there
And as the waves washed against the rock
She shed seven tears.

The Selkie made a pact
To come at the seventh stream
So on the night of the high spring tide
He came in human form.

Her cold beauty shone
As they walked beneath the Moon
He looked at her with his his clear grey eyes
As deep as welling springs.

Like a river running free
Across a beach to the waves
She gave up all her sweetness then
To a salty embrace.

It is said that she had a child
That was born with webbed toes
But all this happened too long ago
For anyone to know.

(Adapted from an Orkney folk tale - a version of which is HERE)


jasminegreentea said...

Gosh, I thank you for the comment that you left on my wall, however, I could not return to my journal, so I created a new one, I do hope you shall follow me

Hamadryad said...

I like that verse about the river running to the sea, and the 'salty embrace'. And I've always found Selkie stories interesting and deep.