At the Winter Solstice we might consider the turn of a tide, a pause in a cycle, a point of reversal, an opportunity for new life, new strength, new visions, but all as yet in embryo, untried, undeveloped, potential.

For this is a time for reflection rather than action, for rest rather than exertion, for a clear view rather than one filled with many things.

So find some time for silent reflection, for contemplation, for the nurturing of new strength as yet unfulfilled.

As time is paused, at a point of balance, take a moment of time out of time and consider the words of William Penn in 1699: “True silence … is to the spirit what sleep is to the body”.

May your Solstice Night be a Silent Night, for then there is time for rejoicing.

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Potia said...

Wise words and a timely reminder thanks.