‘Llech Ronw’ (Gronw’s Stone)
Bryn Saeth, near  Afon Cynfael

When you were an eagle
And hung in a tree,
flesh falling to field,
slipping between the worlds
came a pig, transforming
flesh back to flesh

* * *

O little pig
so long I have endured pain
I am worn and weary

O little pig
I am neither alive nor dead
Rhiannon’s birds call over the waters

O little pig
the wild one teaches me
like Myrddin I long to be free

O little pig
I am full of fear,
carry my news to Gwydion
* * *
Then you were a man
with a long spear
to pierce stone;
like an eagle’s beak
it tore flesh from bone.

{This conflates verses ascribed to Myrddin in the Black Book of Carmarthen and part of the story in the Fourth Branch of Y Mabinogi, and more besides. For which conflations I humbly claim poetic licence.}


Bo said...

wi'n caru e!

Alice Kytler said...

I love it too, it's quite wonderful.