In a Woodland Cave

Bride's Well


for Stephen

In these woods there is a place where water

Wells to a still pool in a cleft of rock

Like crystal in which an enchantress might conjure.

To enter is to inhabit a stillness as complete

And consistent as the cool water that ponds there

Beyond the ferns that arch from the steep

Rock face of the entrance to the cave.

Looking intensely at the face of the waters

No prophecy came but that I would engrave

This image on the stone of memory

And it would remain with me always

Welling in the mind's pool, constantly

Bringing a blessing of Bride's healing springs

And the tranquility such rememberance brings.


Magaly Guerrero said...

I need such peace right now. My life is a bit of a mess right now, so I need all the tranquility I can get. I'll focus on these words, in hope they will help me "conjure" some peace of mind.


puny human said...


Potia said...

Thank you :)