Hirlwm yw’r gair a gafwyd
am dymor hyn y flwyddyn;
pob afon, nant a ffrwd
yn prysur rhuthro
ond ar y llawr llaith
yw’r dail sy’n gorwedd
yn dawel, dawel yn eu tro.


Bo said...

Hyfryd. Diolch am ei bostio!

Eleanor said...

I wasn't sure which page to respond to, as you seem quite prolific and many armed in that area, but chose this one because its layout and comment system was one that I recognized and feel comfortable with.

The act of being snide comes easily and is fought down often. Sometimes I do not fight hard enough. The trite existence of a personal blog seems like a relatively harmless place for it. I must also admit to some laziness my attitude towards posting. Pictures are easy.

How did you possibly find me? Who could you possibly be? You seem quite learned and fascinating. My great aunts and uncles dwell somewhere in Wales on old family land and I have always regretted that we don't know them or know our land. My father continues to struggle to learn Welsh, his fathers second language.

The Heron's Stare said...

Thanks for responding. Do you know where in Wales your family roots are? I live near the coast of Cardigan Bay. Learning to speak Welsh is difficult if you can't use it. Reading is possible with study.

As to who I am - it's possible to find out quite a bit about me by following links from my pages.

I've addressed some of the other things you say directly on your blog.

Eleanor said...

Oh, yes! No, of course I accept your endorsement of my ironic comment. The internet is so difficult to communicate those things through. I was pleased that you concurred and was curious about you.

It seems we're from the Swansea area. My grandmothers brother still lives there. My great grandfather spoke Welsh as his first language, my grandfather was fluently bilingual, and my father reads a little, and has some catch phrases. We grew up with a lot of (possibly ridiculous) Welsh pride and many a Welsh dragon on mugs and table runners and things. My dad is a linguist who studies cultural associations and language and has used this dissipation of the Welsh language through the generations as an example on several occasions. I think our lack of cultural identity is a little painful to him.

My sisters were in Wales this past summer for a couple of days but didn't visit Swansea or our great uncle. Seems a pity.

Thanks for responding to you too.