Images from my week away in Lincolnshire:

Lime Woods

A cold, bright autumn day. The clear light has a hard edge to it, with no hint of mistiness.

Yellow leaves falling from limes and maples, descending slowly through the air from boughs that shine in the sunlight. The slowness of their descent slows time as I stand beneath the trees watching the leaves drift through the stillness like snowflakes.


Hills rising from flat fens, the escarpment lined with trees. Sunset over hawthorns in a line along a ridge, their heavily berried twigs colouring their silhouette with a deep red glow in the suffused evening light.


A change to rain: sunshine and showers conjuring rainbows, one an intense pillar of light rising to the sky, another arching to a base by a tree in a field, its crock of gold blazing in low-angled sunlight.

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Bo said...

That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.