Before Time (after Kulhwch ac Olwen)


Once down
on a bog
time was long ago

I think of a toad
on Cors Fochno
in an old
Welsh tale - (yes
yn yr hen G=y=m=r=a=e=g)
been there since before
there was time

or a bird - say
an owl - say

Pan deuthum i yma gyntaf .....

When I first came here this large valley was a wooded glen and men came here and cut down all the trees. Then a second wood grew up, and after that a third. Now the roots of my wings are nothing but stumps.

.....yn gynyon boneu vy esgyll.

Searching for the Son of Modron
no-one remembers back that far
except the Salmon

Maponos now become Mabon
Lost in Time’s dungeon
o dan yr afon

the salmon dives, breathes
his words through water into air

Arthur’s men alight
at the gates of Glevum
to bring him
out of the gloom of Time
into the light of a new day.

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