The Season of Midwinter

Two days of frosty weather and what ragged remnants of Autumn were still hanging on have fallen to the Winter floor. I went out to the empty woods on a clear, cold day and stood among the leafless trees in the grove of oaks and beeches as if I were one of them.  Time passed, but I was not aware of it among those bare trees and the frost-rimed leaves on the ground. The Sun was low as morning was not yet far advanced but even at midday it would not rise far above the trees. I stood facing the diffused light through the trunks and boughs and the dark wand of November which had wrought such a change to the land was put away as the season of Midwinter came into its own. 

I chose a black stone from my gemstone pouch and put it in another pocket. I will carry it now through the brief days and the dark nights until the Solstice. I'll bury it then as this Sun sinks for the last time to Earth, my pact with Darkness before looking for new Light.

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Bo said...

Beautiful piece of writing.