Gorsedd Arberth

Gorsedd Arberth is a place mentioned in the medieval Welsh tales known as Y Mabinogi. It is a place where marvels can happen. When Pwyll sits there he sees Rhiannon riding on a pale horse out of Annwn - or the Other World - and it is also the site of other strange events.

The supposed location of Gorsedd Arberth is Camp Hill, an Iron Age site now buried under the grassy field shown in the picture above. It is on private land not far from the remains of the medieval castle of Narberth in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. The site is completely buried and no trace of any early remains either from the Iron Age or the age of the Mabinogi can be seen. I was lucky enough to be able to gain access to the site and take the picture while spending some time there. The picture is the background to my desktop so I look at it every day. It is important to me because it opens out not just a physicasl landscape, reminding me of my visit, but also because, lying behind it, is the landscape of the tales, of Annwn and a magical realm.

Can I show you marvels if you visit? Perhaps. I hope anyway that you will share some spiritual insights with me as a result of this blog.

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Looking forward to it. Much easier to leave comments in this format too!